This robust library, written in TypeScript, includes a variety of ready-to-use Hooks and Components. It also incorporates a set of practical utilities, catering to the diverse needs of your development process. Whether you're swiftly prototyping or building a complex application, this library equips you with the necessary tools.



reactchemy is a tiny library without any dependencies, ensuring a lean and efficient solution.


Catch compile-time errors with ease and unlock strong typing benefits.


Eliminating unused code and delivering leaner bundles for lightning-fast load times.

Easy to Use

Get started in no time! Explore comprehensive documentation and rich examples.


Simplify development with an intuitive and powerful API. Don't repeat yourself.


Join the vibrant community! Collaborate, contribute, and unlock endless possibilities together.

Proudly Open Source

reactchemy is open source and powered by © Dennis Ollhoff (nyxb).
The code is available on GitHub.

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